Nick Halmasy spent a decade in the Fire Service. He spent the majority of that time as a Fire Instructor and sat on various committees within the fire service.  He has completed a Master's of Arts in Counselling and is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).

After the Call is the culmination of his passion for First Responders and Mental Health Awareness. This site is not dedicated solely to the conversation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! Nick understands that the level of stress and pressure exercises itself in various ways within the people, and their families, that goes beyond a single diagnosis.

Nick brings to the field not just experience as a First Responder, but also as a clinical practitioner with experience in a wide range of clinical settings including: crisis settings, hospital settings, and within the addiction sector. Nick also runs a private therapy practice for First Responders in Peterborough and Bowmanville.

Nick has written a book to help First Responders and their families begin conversations about mental wellness. Nick has presented extensively on the topic of First Responder Mental Wellness. With a deep understanding that PTSD is not the only mental struggle that will affect the First Responder, Nick tries to counter this idea. While PTSD certainly destroys First Responders and their families, there are a long list of other mental health struggles that can destroy First Responders first.

Nick is published in Utah Valley State University's Straight Tip Magazine, International Firefighter, Firefighting in Canada, Fire Chief, and Uniform Stories. Nick continues to write and present on the topic of First Responder Mental Wellness.

Nick has also been featured on the Mental Health Warriors Podcast:

And has presented at a Badge of Life Canada conference in London Ontario:
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On Addictions and First Responders

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The sole purpose of this site is to offer FREE tools to develop mental wellness in First Responders. Through our presentations, consultations, and articles we hope to raise not just awareness, but provide those in the services TOOLS to develop resiliency and mitigate mental harm.

By starting this conversation, STIGMA and JUDGEMENT will be a thing of the past! After all, it's not what we see, but what we DO with what we see.


If there are any questions, comments, or requests for information from areas not covered on this site, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with current, correct information as fast as we can!

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